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Our Services

  Customs declaration

We offer a professional customs clearance and representation service to traders exporting goods from Belgium. We provide an executive document that shows the lists and detailed description of goods bound for export.  Due to our customs declaration, the customs authorities wil control what types of goods or items can be exported.


Freight Forwarding

EGK cargo service provides the most trustworthy route to ensure its costumers goods or documentation to its final destination.  Our company organizes shipments for you or your corporation to get your goods from your  manufacturer or producer to your desired market, customer or final point of distribution. 

Air Freight

Our agency provides the most quality services due to working with prestigious airlines like Ethiopian Airlines. We offer a rage of secure and highly flexible air shipping service. This allows us to adjust our services to our customers desired requirements.



Sea Freight

With our centralized location in Europe, we have the advantage to reach numerous  destinations effortlessly. With our expertise in Europe and Africa, we offer the best way of transportation for each customer depending on individual desires. Our goal is always to deliver cargos to ultimate destination on timely basis.



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